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All boxes in the checklist are required to be checked, including those where no enrolments are recorded. This is to verify that the school records have been interrogated to determine whether or not there are enrolments in all needs categories.

Check Census form for completeness

Once all relevant sections are completed, including the checklist, select the button Check Census form for completeness. This will check the Census form to ensure all required fields have been filled in.

If there are any mandatory fields that have not been completed, a warning message will appear and missing fields will be highlighted in red.

Mandatory fields missing

Select OK and revisit the Census form to complete all fields that are highlighted in red.

Once all fields have been completed, select the Check Census form for completeness button again. If all mandatory fields have been completed, the following message will appear. Select OK:

Form is complete

Authorisation and declaration

The person authorised by the governing body to submit the Census form, is required to declare the data to be a true and correct record and that all appropriate documentation will be retained by the school/governing body for a period of five years from Census Day, and in a way that ensures the integrity and security of the data and documents defined.

A section will appear at the end of the Census form displaying:

Authorised person

Provide details of the authorised person in the relevant fields.

Full name

Enter the full name of the authorised person.


Enter the position of the authorised person in relation to the school or governing body.

Telephone number

Enter the telephone number of the authorised person. Enter the number using numerical characters only, for example, enter (07) 1111 2222 as 0711112222.


Enter the date the authorisation and declaration is made. The calendar is activated by clicking the drop-down menu that appears once the date field is selected. Use the calendar to ensure that the date is in the correct format (dd/mm/yyyy).

Authorisation and declaration

Tick the three boxes indicating agreement with the statements.

Once the Census form is complete and all data has been checked and authorised, select the button Save Census form at the bottom of the Census form and submit via NSSAB Online Services. If unable to use the button, the Census form can also be saved via the (Ctrl+S) function of Adobe Reader.

Census Feedback Survey

The Board is continually looking for ways to improve the administration and collection of the data in this Census. Please complete the Census Feedback Survey by clicking the link on the form. If the Census form is submitted via NSSAB Online Services, a link to the Census Feedback Survey is also available there. All responses are anonymous.


Read the instructions for submission carefully. The Census form has to be submitted by the person authorised by the governing body (the ‘Authorised person’) to submit school Census data on behalf of the governing body.

Contact the governing body to find out who can authorise and submit the Census form. Also refer to Arrangements for schools under certain governing bodies.

Refer to the diagram on the following page to establish the path needed to submit the Census form to the NSSAB Secretariat.

If a person at the school is the authorised person, ensure that person checks the data and completes the section Authorisation and declaration by governing body or authorised person before submitting the Census form via NSSAB Online Services. Otherwise email the form to the governing body for authorisation and submission.

Census form submission flowchart

Submission process diagram

Arrangements for schools under certain governing bodies

Schools under the following governing bodies are to submit completed Census forms to nominated contacts for authorisation:

All other schools should contact their governing body to find out if an individual at the school/site has been authorised to submit the Census form on behalf of the governing body.

Submission to NSSAB Online Services

Log in to NSSAB Online Services via
NSSAB Online Services

Create a new submission from the Upload and submit tab by selecting Data collection form – Census 2019 from the drop-down menu.
NSSAB Online Services

Attach the Census form(s) to the submission using the grey Attach file button.
NSSAB Online Services

This will display a new screen. Use the Add files button to browse to the Census form(s) on the computer.
NSSAB Online Services

Note: A school or governing body can attach multiple Census forms to the one submission for several sites or modes of delivery.

Select the file(s) for upload. Multiple files can be selected by holding down the Shift key while clicking the required files. Click Open.
NSSAB Online Services

Once displayed, click Upload files.
NSSAB Online Services

Once a file is attached it will display in the right-hand column under Files attached. Select the Submit button on the left-hand side to send it to the Board.
NSSAB Online Services

Select OK to finalise the submission.
NSSAB Online Services

The submission should now appear under the Submitted tab.
NSSAB Online Services

Last updated 25 January, 2019

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