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Annual allowance acquittal

Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, the governing body of each non-State school with eligibility for government funding must, within six months after the end of each calendar year, give the Board an allowance acquittal statement for the school for that year. The statement provides details of how the governing body expended State Government grants and allowances during the year.

For example:

  1. State recurrent grants must be spent or disbursed, or committed to be spent or disbursed, for: teaching and general staff salaries; professional development; curriculum development and implementation; maintenance; and general operations.
  2. Textbook and resource allowances must either be sent to parents who have elected this option for their students, or spent or disbursed for the benefit of those students whose parents have elected to have the allowances paid direct to the school.
  3. Remote area tuition allowances must be disbursed by crediting the amount for each eligible student to that student's tuition fee account.
  4. Other allowances refer to specific payments to particular schools and must be spent or disbursed for the relevant purpose.

During first semester each year, the Board issues a statement to each school listing the various grants and allowances paid to the school's governing body in the previous calendar year.

Not providing the required acquittal details within the legislated timeframe is grounds for the Board to stop payment of further grants and allowances under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.

Details of school grants, including general recurrent grants and capital assistance, and student allowances paid by the State Government are provided on the website of the Department of Education and Training.

Last updated 24 November, 2016