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Our decisions

The Board is an independent statutory body that accredits non-State schools and monitors whether non-State schools continue to comply with the requirements of the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001.

To operate in Queensland a non-State school must be provisionally accredited or accredited by the Board.

The Board’s decision to accredit a non-State school is based on explicit documentation provided by the applicant. These documents address criteria and provide evidence relating to the school’s financial viability; educational program; student welfare processes; and the school’s improvement processes.

The Board is required to make a decision on an application within six months of lodgement, where eligibility for government funding is not sought, or within nine months, where funding eligibility is sought.

The Funding Committee is a committee of the Board and independently assesses application for eligibility for Government funding against the Government funding criteria set out in the Act.

In assessing applications for funding eligibility for new schools and for existing schools whose accreditation status has changed, the Funding Committee takes account of anticipated enrolments; the extent of educational choice based on the religious, philosophical or educational approaches the school proposes to offer; the enrolment capacity of other schools in the catchment area; and the impact on existing State and non-State schools in both the short term and over the following next five years.

The Funding Committee assesses applications for eligibility for Government funding against the Government funding criteria set out in the Act, and makes recommendations to the Minister about funding eligibility.

The Minister is responsible for deciding Government funding applications.

Under the legislation, Board’s and Minister’s decisions are reviewable on application to the Minister.

Last updated 24 November, 2016