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Students from isolated zones

Student identification

Identification of the number of students from isolated areas of the State attending each non State school is required to assist with the allocation of the needs component of recurrent assistance. Student isolation is based on the student’s home address when not attending school.

Home address means the residential address where the student would normally live with a parent/guardian when not attending school.

A map of student isolation is shown below.

Map of student isolation areas

Map of student isolation areas

Only students whose home address is designated Very Remote Australia should be included in this section of the collection.

Please note that Cloncurry and some areas of Mount Isa are designated Remote Australia. Schools from these areas should use the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) mapping tool to determine the designation of their home addresses.

Examples of the address searches:

INCLUDE Very Remote Australia (see screenshot below):

Map of student isolation areas

DO NOT INCLUDE Remote Australia (see screenshot below):

Map of student isolation areas

The results of the searches must be retained by the school for audit purposes.

If you require clarification of eligibility, please contact the NSSAB Secretariat.

Students to be excluded


Click on the link to watch a short vodcast explaining the requirements concerning students from isolated zones.

Last updated 1 February, 2019

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