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Annual schools reporting

The school's annual report is required to be published on the school website, and in at least one other format (e.g. hard copy, newsletter, handbook, noticeboard or sign), which the school can choose. By publishing this information, Queensland non-State schools will meet the reporting obligations required by the Australian Education Act 2013, 77(2)(f).

The Annual Reporting Policy for all Queensland Schools incorporates a checklist to assist all Queensland schools to implement the annual reporting requirements from 2010.

Schools are required to publish the information outlined in the checklist (with the exception of the post-school destination information) by 30 June each year. Post-school destination information from the annual Next Step survey will be made available to those schools, which had graduating Year 12 students in the previous year, in September each year. Schools are required to publish this information on the school website by 30 September.

Additional information to assist schools in interpreting and reporting results on their school websites and ensuring the privacy of students from small schools is available in the School annual report - Guidelines.

Last updated 22 February, 2019