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History of non-State schools

Queensland’s first school, administered by the Anglican Church, opened in 1826 with 16 pupils, the children of soldiers and convicts from the first settlement at Moreton Bay.

Following the closure of that school in 1842, other private establishments were opened and, by the mid-1800s, the government had also started a number of schools. Non-State schools have been providing education in Queensland for more than 170 years, often offering the only opportunities for secondary education.

While today it is common to refer to these schools as a sector, non-State schools represent diverse educational philosophies and religious and other organisational affiliations, reflecting the increasing cultural diversity of Queensland’s population.

All Queenslanders benefit from a strong, vibrant and forward-looking education system. The non-State schooling sector is an important part of the State’s education system. Together with State schools, non-State schools offer Queensland parents choice in the education of their children.

Last updated 7 September, 2017