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Accessing the Census form

NSSAB Online Services access

User account

Before starting, you must have an active NSSAB Online Services account with either school or governing body access.

Depending on your school's reporting arrangements, an authorised school user may be able to complete and submit the form. Otherwise, the form will need to be submitted by an authorised governing body user.

Refer to Authorisation and declaration for further information regarding possible arrangements.

screen shot of who can access online census

1 = A school user can only submit the census form if the user is the authorised person for the census for the school.

Logging in

Login screen

Enter your user details and click the Log in button.

If you do not have an account, you will need to get an authorised person to complete and submit an Access request form on your behalf.

If you have forgotten your username, you will need to contact the NSSAB Secretariat.

If you have forgotten your password, reset it here or at the link on the login page. An email will be sent to your registered email address enabling you to change your password.

Once logged in, you will see a banner at the top of the page alerting you that School Survey Data for Non-State Schools – Queensland 2023 data collection is being conducted and that you will need to complete a Census form.

The Census form can be accessed either through the banner or through the Data collection section on the left hand side.

The banner will show while the data collection is running. Select Census form or Census under Data collection and you will be directed to all data collection forms you have access to on the Census homepage.

Link to census form

screen shot

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What can I access for my relevant school or governing body?

School users will be able to see all data collection forms for the relevant school (all accredited and operating sites and modes of delivery).

Governing body users will be able to see all data collection forms for all schools under the governing body (including all operating sites and modes of delivery).

screen shot

The buttons on the left and the status in the Status column will change depending on the progress of the census. Refer to the below table for progress definitions.

Button Status Progress Available actions
icon Blank The completion of the census form has not commenced. The form is blank. Select the Start button to commence the census.
icon In progress A user has started completing the form, but there are either incomplete fields/sections or validation errors. Select the Resume button to continue completing the census.
icon Ready to authorise All required fields have been completed and no validation errors are displayed. The form is ready for review by governing body if relevant and completion of the Authorisation and declaration page. Select the Resume button to continue completing the census.
icon Ready to submit All required fields have been completed and no validation errors are displayed. The form has been reviewed by the governing body if relevant, and the Authorisation and declaration page has been completed. The form is awaiting submission. Select the Resume button to continue completing the census.
icon Submitted The form has been submitted. No further changes can be made. Select the View button to view the completed form. If you find an error in your submission, please contact the NSSAB Secretariat.
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Single-site schools

The majority of schools are single-site schools and, as such, will only have one Census form to complete.

Multi-site schools

Multi-site schools operate on at least two separate sites with separate location addresses. The parent site (host centre) governs subsidiary sites (associated facilities) and temporary special assistance sites at a multi-site school. Schools with multiple sites will have one form for each site. The site code and suburb will identify which Census form you are completing.

A separate Census form should be completed for each site of a multi-site school. This includes temporary special assistance sites. Do not include enrolments at temporary sites in the Census form of the host centre or associated facility.

Mode of delivery

For non-State schools accredited to offer both classroom and distance education, a separate Census form will be available for each mode of delivery. One Census form should be completed for students enrolled in classroom education and one Census form should be completed for students receiving a full service delivery in distance education programs.

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How to get started

Select the Start button next to the Census that you wish to view / edit.

screen shot

This will take you to the first page of the data collection form entitled About the census. Please read the information carefully.

Once you have read and understood the information, either select the Next button at the bottom right of the page or select Site details in the left-hand progress indicator.



screen shot

How to navigate the data collection form

You will see what data collection form you are viewing / editing at the top of the page.

screen shot

The left-hand progress indicator only shows two pages to start with.

You will need to check the Site details before you can proceed. The images below show the fields that will be populated with your school accreditation details.

screen shot

screen shot

Once the Site details have been checked and confirmed whether they are correct or not, more of the left-hand progress indicator will appear as per the below image.

screen shot

The remainder of the form will depend on your selections under the Student profile. Once that section has been completed, the form will show all pages that require completion for the relevant site and mode of delivery.

>> Site details

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Last updated 13 January, 2023