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Enrolment verification program

Annually, the Board conducts a program to verify the Census data of a sample of non-State schools. The Board appoints authorised persons (auditors) to verify this Census data on behalf of the Board. The ‘Enrolment Verification’ program is commonly referred to as the ‘Audit’. The sample is dependent on a range of factors and incorporates risk assessment processes to identify those schools that have been assessed as having a greater risk of misstating their Census data, as well as ensuring that all schools participate in the verification program at least once every eight to nine years.

The Board aims to verify Census data in at least 15 per cent of non-State schools each year.

To ensure school staff are prepared for the authorised person, the Board’s general practice is to provide three to four working days’ notice to the governing body and the principal of the school. These notices are provided in PDF format and sent via email. Prior to the audit, authorised persons will also contact the school’s principal via telephone to confirm the audit date and ensure that the school is aware of the audit. Only in exceptional circumstances may a governing body request to change the day of the enrolment verification for the school. Such a request would need to be made in writing from the governing body, outlining the specific reason/s for this request, and emailed to the Board via the Secretariat for immediate consideration.

Availability of audit documentation

Section 5 of the Regulation prescribes that school survey data and associated documents have to be kept for at least five years after Census Day and in a way that ensures the integrity and security of the data and documents. This means that all data reports and supporting documentation regarding students who did not attend for the minimum period, for example, should be kept and readily available for at least five years.

If it becomes apparent on the day of the audit that the school does not have the supporting documentation available, the authorised person should be notified immediately. The missing documentation is to be supplied within five business days after the audit day to allow the authorised persons to complete their individual audit reports in a timely manner.

If the school cannot supply sufficient information by the due date to allow the authorised persons to establish whether a student can be included or not, the student is to be removed from the Census data. No further time will be allowed to provide this documentation.

Finalising the audit

The authorised person will assess whether sufficient appropriate audit evidence has been obtained.

Where the school’s records have been assessed as adequate, the authorised person will complete the relevant audit report.

Where the school’s records are assessed as not being reliable or sufficient to verify the Census data, the authorised person will notify the school principal and the Board’s Secretariat that the Census data cannot be verified.

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Last updated 24 January, 2022