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The system sends a validation email automatically for any Census form that indicates a variance greater than 10% in certain categories compared to the last year's data to the email address provided for the contact person for enquiries about the data.

Check the variances in the email and log back into NSSAB Online Services to:

The validation request can be found in the left-hand progress indicator.

screen shot

To start a validation response, select Edit or Click here under Validation response.

screen shot

A new window will appear where you can provide your response.

The variances are displayed under the heading Variances. Please note that the variances already consider any new years of schooling that commenced in 2023.The students enrolled in any new years of schooling have been deducted from the total number for validation purposes.

screen shot

Resubmit required

Select "Resubmit required" if you found an error in the data and need to adjust the census return for the site and mode of delivery.

Provide an explanation why you need to resubmit in the Explanation field and select the OK button.

Once you have provided the explanation for the resubmission, select Change to status to Ready to authorise.

Refer Authorisation and declaration (Validation) to continue.

Continue with Resubmission draft created.

Provide explanation

Select Provide explanation if the data is correct. Provide an explanation of the variance in the Explanation field.

Authorise the validation. Refer to Census form submission flowchart for information on who can authorise the census form and validations.

Authorisation and declaration (Validation)

Fill in the authorisation details and select the OK button.

Once authorised, submit the validation. Select the Submit button.

Further information required

If you have provided an explanation regarding the variances and Secretariat staff have further questions or require further clarification, Secretariat staff will request further information. The contact person will receive an email that further information is required.

Log into NSSAB Online Services to respond to the additional information request.

To provide a response, select Provide a response. A new window will appear.

Provide your further information in the Comments field and select Submit.

The response will appear in the section Further information requests.

Secretariat staff will review the further information and once satisfied with the explanation provided, complete the validation. If further information is required, a new further information request will be sent.

Resubmission draft created

If you have advised that a resubmission is required as you have found an error in the data submitted, the Secretariat will review your request and create a new resubmission draft.

Please note, you will need to log back into NSSAB Online Services to access the resubmission draft.

The draft will be a copy of the original submission. Make changes as required, complete the Checklist, Authorisation and declaration and Submission.

The validation of the original submission will be completed as all further validations will apply to the subsequent resubmission.


If no further information or resubmission draft is required, Secretariat staff will complete the validation.

Check the status of all validations

You can check the status of all validations for the schools, sites and modes of delivery that you have access to by going to the Census overview.

There are three columns that relate to Validations:

The validation status can be as follows:

Status Description
Requested The validation email has been sent and is awaiting actioning by governing body or school user.
In progress Governing body or school user has started completing the field (i.e. start typing even if not saved).
Ready to authorise Details of the person authorising the validation need to be provided.
Ready to submit Validation has been authorised and is ready to be submitted.
Submitted Validation has been submitted and needs to be reviewed by Secretariat staff.
Further information required Secretariat staff have requested further information.
Further information submitted Further information has been submitted and needs to be reviewed by Secretariat staff.
Completed Either a new submission draft has been created or Secretariat staff have accepted the explanation provided.

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Last updated 6 February, 2023

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